Download Facetime for PC – Windows 10/8/7 Free Download

Downloading FaceTime on PC makes it possible for you to hold meetings and on-screen conversations with anybody on gadgets like iPod, iPad, iPhone, and other Mac operating software devices. The Video Calling App is incorporated into PC with the inbuilt camera.

As we all know the company hasn’t launched yet any official version of Facetime for Windows users but using a few Android emulators we can download it on PC. Here, we are sharing a step-by-step guide you’re required to follow carefully.

Compared to other video calling apps, Facetime has remarkable video quality. Your calls can also be recorded on HD quality if preferred. It is preferred to other calling apps because it is rated as one of the most secure end-to-end encrypted apps that promote conversation.

Why FaceTime?

FaceTime app is one of the best video call applications incorporated on iOS devices, compared to Google Duo, Skype, Bingo, and Messenger; this software stands out to be different. The developers thought it’d be an advantage if Mac PC and Android devices can all have this application so users can enjoy the experience.

The application has new security features added to it so that users can enjoy encrypted end-to-end conversations with their friends, families, or employees. The software can be downloaded on Windows. To figure out how this is done, read on.

With the help of an internet connection, one can put calls through to other computers using FaceTime. It is extremely modern software that works for iOS devices. Other than these gadgets, you can now use the same program to make calls on Windows PC and tablets.

There is a free version that enables you to make calls at zero cost. For the paid version, you are charged $9.99 every month. If you want to upgrade to the membership version, you are charged a one-time $99 fee.

How to Download and Install FaceTime for PC?

Below is a simple step by step guide to download and install the FaceTime app on PC so that you can start enjoying video and voice calls for free:

  • Download Bluestacks on your PC from the official site
  • After downloading it, install it into your system, then reboot.



  • Launch Bluestacks; it will take seconds to initialize, so be patient not to close it as this might corrupt the software.
  • Afterward, check for the menu option and click on the play store application.
  • Type FaceTime in the search bar of the play store app and download the PC application.
  • After downloading, click open to install the application. Follow the instructions for installing the package on your screen.
  • If you want to install the app later, click save once you’re done with the download and proceed with the installation. When once you’re ready to install, double click on the file and follow the instructions. This method is preferred because you can scan the file for a malware function before proceeding.
  • Launch FaceTime on windows now.

Features for Facetime for Windows

  • HD Video/Audio Calling
  • Low Data Consumption
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • It’s Free

There are alternative video calling apps instead of the FaceTime app on the Windows operating system or PC. Some of these alternatives are discussed below.

Outstanding Features of Facetime Application

  • You can use it without paying a dime for a lifetime.
  • It was developed initially for iOS users but has incorporated windows and Android users.
  • You can use it for video and audio calls anywhere and at any time; this makes it a multiple-function application.
  • The software produces HD quality pictures, though the overall resolution depends on the type of device you’re using.
  • You can connect different devices -from PC to iPhone and Android devices without difficulty.
  • The application has certain features that could be adjusted to your advantage, like blocking spam calls.
  • The software syncs the contact on your phone list and makes it easy for you to connect with those on your contact with the same application.
  • A maximum of 6 people can be connected all at once to a video conference session.

If you read through the above features and love what this application offers, here are some steps to get this running on your PC.

How to Use Facetime on PC?

FaceTime application has zero complexities. It is an easy-to-navigate tool built by top Apple developers to give users the best experience and make it fun for everyone. With a single click, you can get across to someone far away and start a one on one conversation. It supports incredible chat features like stickers and audio messages.

Step 1: You will have to launch the application from its folder by double-clicking on the file shortcut created on the home screen during the installation process.

Step 2: Since it is your first time accessing the application after installation, you will sign up with your email address and the phone number you want to use as primary contact for putting calls across.

Step 3: Your list of contacts will appear at the left corner of the navigation panel; search for the name of the person you want to FaceTime with and click on it.

Step 4: If you have other calling apps on your PC, you will get to choose the ‘FaceTime for PC app’ after clicking on the name. However, calls are only possible when you have the email address of the person you want to contact.

Step 5: Wait for some seconds so the FaceTime dial can connect to the other user.

Step6: Securing connection means the person has accepted your call; you are now ready to start a conversation with the other user.

Step 7: After the conversation, you end the connection by clicking on the “End Call” option; this feature is similar to a general call.

Control Options of FaceTime for Windows PC

  • In an attempt to reach you through the app, a pop-up from the FaceTime app will appear on your screen with the person’s name.
  • Clicking the “Accept” option connects you immediately to the person.
  • Clicking the “decline” option will abort the call automatically.
  • Video calls have more options aside from the usual decline and accept the feature.
  • Clicking the “Block/Accept video” option that pops up on the screen decides if the video call will take place or not. Once you accept the call, the camera gets turned on immediately.
  • If you click the “Accept Video Call” option and start the conversation, a dialogue pop up appears on your screen;
  • You have an option to go full or half screen by clicking on the “Full Screen” option.
  • You can also mute the conversation by clicking on the “Disable Microphone” option. This feature will only display your video without transmitting your voice.



  • You can also turn off the video option and only communicate via audio by clicking on the “Video” option displayed on the interface.
  • To end a conversation, click the “End Video” option.

 Instructions on Facetime for PC Application

Similar to regular phone calls, a pop-up appears on the screen of your PC once someone is trying to call or send a message. You can accept or decline the call without turning on the app. Also, messages are displayed via pop-up notifications; this makes it easy for you to either respond or ignore.

To use FaceTime and enjoy its full features, a Mac or PC device with an inbuilt HD camera will be a suitable option. If your device doesn’t have an inbuilt camera, it’s no problem as you can connect an external camera to use FaceTime.

How Facetime Works

The entire process is pretty straightforward; what is required is to follow instructions given in the manual and dial the contact mail of the person you want to connect with. To get started on a video call, all that is needed is to input an entry in the contact list. FaceTime is connected to your phone contact book, making it easy for you to call someone from your contact list. The email call option can also be utilized; with this, the recipient would get an invitation on their screen, and once they accept, the conversation begins.

Facetime Alternatives for Windows PC

These alternative applications are mostly free and can be used for video conferences. You should note that if you want to make it a conference video call that is hitch-free, Facetime is the best app to use. Below is a list of popular and free video calling software for Windows and Mac users;

1. Skype for free calls

Skype is a widely used video calling app available for iOS users, Android devices, and Windows OS. They recently incorporated Microsoft live messenger into their media platform. Since Microsoft owned both of the platforms, it was wise to blend both one. You can now get the best experience from the usage of both platforms in one software.

Skype presents free calling to anyone who shares the same video calling app with you and is on your list through text, sound, or video. You only need to get the friend’s Skype name or email address, search for them, add them to your list, and communication begins for free at any location in the world.

2. Google Hangouts

Google hangout is also a generally accepted messaging and video calling application created by Google. You don’t need to create a new Google account; you can sign up using an existing account. It also has PC software, and it is also available for Android, Windows, and iOS users. Though this software is limited when it comes to the conference calls.

With the voice-over IP technology Google, you can easily make phone calls to family and friends for free. You can activate other features with this service, like chatting, instant messaging, and video conferencing. This feature isn’t limited to Android devices alone; iPhone users can call other Google hangout users once they have access to WiFi. If you don’t access WiFi, you can use this service with your phone’s 4G or GPRS network.

3. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

This is a seasoned application currently prevailing over several other apps. With the zoom cloud app, you can make video calls within a group for free or subscribe to advanced features on the app. Zoom became a top-rated application for hosting programs during the Coronavirus pandemic. It offers a perfect alternative to stay connected when the world was shut down from physical communion. This also made a lot of companies finally implement the “work from home” policy.

It is an application with zero complexities. It can handle meetings with several participants ranging from 1 to 100. However, there are advanced features that could be enjoyed when you subscribe to a package plan.

4. IMO Video Calling App

This is a social media application, and it is deemed the best choice to replace the FaceTime application. With the IMO app, users get to make video calls for free and chat with friends and acquaintances. It has available software for Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS users.

This feature allows two Android users to communicate using an internet connection via a video call or a   voice call. You can also share your activities with people who don’t have the application and invite them to join the experience. One significant advantage of the IMO application is that it provides high-quality output even on the low network. This application can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Other Alternative Apps Include:

  • Google Duo
  • WhatsApp Video Calls
  • Viber
  • Facebook Video Call
  • Glide
  • iMovicha

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much data would I consume using Facetime?

Ans. Facetime application doesn’t consume so much energy like Skype, Google Duo, Tango, etc. On average, the software consumes 18 MB for 5 minutes while producing 1080p call quality.

Q. Why am I having issues with the Facetime application setup?

Ans. The first thing you need to do is check if you are connected to an internet service because it needs a stable internet connection to start an audio/video call. If you are using WiFi or remotely connected to a VPN, try to restart your WiFi router or broadband, then check if the problem is solved. If this persists, then there is a possibility that the app wasn’t installed properly. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

If it is not working, figure out the error and debug it. If it doesn’t work after this, you may need to install the app again as the only possible problem might be that you haven’t installed the application properly on your PC.

Q. Can we use mobile data for FaceTime?

Ans. Yes, you can use your mobile data for Facetime Video and Audio calls. It is advisable to use your data if it has more bandwidth. For default settings, you get to make calls with the application only when connected to WiFi, but you can adjust the settings to let you use your mobile data for calls.

Q. Do I get to pay for Facetime video/audio calls?

Ans. No, you can use the FaceTime app for a lifetime without paying a dime. It is free. You only need a stable internet connection that makes it possible for you to make calls all day long.

Q. Do I need an Internet connection for facetime calls?

Ans. Yes, you do. It would be best to have a stable internet connection to have FaceTime sessions with friends or family. Without this, you would have difficulties connecting with anyone. The best part is, the app works even on 2G networks. You can use WiFi or connect remotely to a VPN network and your mobile data for free calls via the Internet.

Q. How many people can Facetime at once?

Ans. Multiple. It has an option to connect the maximum number of people you want. To make sure your call is secured, you can compare the encryption code you have on your device with the other person you’re communicating with.