7 Alternatives to Facetime : Best Video Calling Apps for Android

Whether you’ve been bold at capturing a cockroach or want to share the info of your first date, facetime is the way to go. It’s got all the apple users covered, but what about the android people. Apple is just not generous enough to let apps like facetime to be available for android users, so let’s find our alternatives of facetime. In this article, we will be giving you guys the 7 best alternatives to facetime that are just as good. 

1. Google Duo 

Google duo is a very straightforward android alternative to facetime. All you need to do is just download the app, it automatically links to your phone number, after that’s done, start calling your loved ones. You can talk to both apple and android users as long as they have Google Duo on their devices as well. 

One amazing feature on Google Duo is that you can see the person calling you before actually answering the call. The fact that all it does is video calls gives it the opportunity to perfect it. Google Duo is cross-platform, it’s free and easy to use, what more could anyone ask for. You can hop on a group call with up to 12 people, share high-quality video messages, and do tons of fun stuff with the help of Google Duo. 

2. Whatsapp 

Whatsapp is one of the most popular live video call apps on the internet. Just like Google Duo, you can link your phone number with WhatsApp and call your friends and family. Whatsapp doesn’t just stick to video calls, you can send messages, make video and audio calls as well. You can easily send messages and call your friends that are using apple and android devices as long as they have WhatsApp on their device. 

All of your chats are end-to-end encrypted which is a really good feature if you tend to worry too much about security. It has a very simple and straightforward app that allows you to perform any task. All you need to access Whatsapp is WiFi or mobile data, the app is completely free to download. 

3. Skype 

Skype is popularly known for being stable, and feature-rich. This article is supposed to be an honest review so I just wanted to mention that Skype is a little buggy and it has always been this way. Regardless of that, Skype does a very good job of providing a good and positive experience for the users. 

Just like the two other apps we’ve discussed earlier, Skype is also a cross-platform app so you can make a call to anyone that has Skype on their device. You can text people, make voice as well as video calls with Skype. You can make a group call with up to 10 participants. Skype is a free platform but you will have to buy minutes if you choose to call real phone numbers. 

Overall, Skype is an amazing alternative for facetime and is one of the originals. The only problem is the bugging but Skype is pulling through that pretty well. 

4. Snapchat 

In comparison to all of the apps mentioned in this article, Snapchat is a fun messaging app (It’s something you should never use to call your boss). All fun and jokes aside, Snapchat is a fun app where you can put on great filters available in the app while on a call with your friends. 

Snapchat adds a special twist to normal text messaging, you can chat with photos with your friends. The self-destructing messages are a favorite to many people that dont want anyone to access their chats.  If you take a screenshot of a photo or text sent by a person, the person will know it. Snapchat allows you to video chat with around 16 people. 

It is absolutely free and is a really amazing app for just having fun by taking pictures using different weird and fun filters. 

5. Facebook messenger 

Facebook messenger is one of the most used alternatives to facetime. A ton of people already use Facebook so there is quite a bit of chance that you are familiar with Facebook messenger. Because Facebook has many users, most of your friends might already be on there. This is helpful because you won’t have to talk to all of your friends and family to start using a completely different app. 

Just wanted to put it out there, the app is bloated and not the best experience but it is pretty good. It is a cross-platform app so you can hop on a call with your friends using any OS. 

6. JioMeet 

JioMeet is kind of a newcomer in the community of video chat apps. The features that JioMeet offers are gigantic, you can video chat with up to 100 people for a whole day straight. When it comes to safety features, JioMeet does its best here as well. You can password protect any particular chat if you dont want others to view them. JioMeet also offers a drive mode which ensures safety while driving. 

The app has a very simple and sleek interface with a good UI. As it is a newer app compared to other options in this article, you might find bugs but JioMeet does its work pretty well. 

7. Signal private messenger 

Compared to all of the other apps we’ve talked about, Signal private messenger is a lesser-known option. But this doesn’t make the app any less efficient. Signal private messenger is an amazing alternative to facetime for the people that are very specific about having security features. 

All of your chats on Signal are end-to-end encrypted which ensures your security. You can make video and audio calls with the help of Signal. The interface is pretty straightforward and everything about the app is really amazing. 


These were our top 7 alternatives to facetime, all of them are very efficient and work just as good as facetime. As all of the apps are free, you can check out all of them and determine which will work best for your needs.

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