IOS update made FaceTime cross-platform, but only by link

With the iOS 15 update, users of alternative operating systems have the ability to join FaceTime calls. Prior to this, the function was only available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

For users of Android smartphones and laptops based on Windows and Linux, it will be enough to follow the link generated by the owner of the iOS device. After that, the user will be redirected to the browser, and the call host will need to approve the connection request.

To start cross-platform communication, the caller needs to go to the FaceTime app, create an invitation link, and share it in any convenient way. At this moment, a separate video room will appear on the main screen, to which you need to join, and the system will give the host administrator rights, allowing him to approve incoming requests.

The move by Cupertino towards cross-platform calls demonstrates the company’s desire to expand the boundaries of the ecosystem, start competing with popular messengers and attract the attention of new users to Apple products.

iOS 15 was announced on June 7, 2021 as part of the WWDC presentation. The company focused on improving user security and privacy. The release of the new OS took place on September 21, 2021.

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